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Re: 'which' command does not expand '~' in path (base-files update needed)

cgf wrote:
> Dropping the quotes from the original example will just cause
> everything to work correctly everywhere.
> John Morrison, would you mind doing this, please?

Hi cgf,

As I said, I wasn't following this thread for a while, so here are the
changes I'll do (I'm also trying to clean the scripts up as much as
possible).  I'll not be able to upload a version until tonight though, I
don't have the code base with me...

remove quotes from lines 23, 36 and 29
brace ${...} all variables
change ~ to ${HOME} on lines 193, 195 and 197

/etc/skel/.bash_profile (via default versions)
remove quotes from lines 13, 18 and 23
change ~ to ${HOME} on lines 7, 8, 12, 13, 17, 18, 22 and 23

If people didn't remove these files prior to the last upgrade they must
remove them before this upgrade otherwise they will not be overwritten.

Is there any other changes needed?


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