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Re: Latest setup causes crash on winxp pro

I am also getting a non-responsive window and a crash in setup.exe 4.427
and 4.418 on Windows XP.  What happens is that the program goes into a
"program not responding" state during a Download from Internet and during
an Install from Local Direcotry.  That state happens when I try to interact
with the setup window while the program is verifying MD5 checksums on all
of the downloaded files.  The interaction can be clicking on the setup
window, covering up the window and then raising it, or moving the window by
dragging the title bar.  Making two attempts to close the non-responsive
setup window causes the crash.  If I leave the window alone during the MD5
check, then the non-responsive state does not happen.  If I leave the
window alone during the non-responsive state, then the crash does not
happen and the application continues to the package selection step.  It
seems that the program must continue its MD5 check even while the window is
not responding.

Brian Zoller

>     * From: Robert Collins <rbcollins at cygwin dot com>
>     * Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2004 22:19:32 +1000
>     * Subject: Re: Latest setup causes crash on winxp pro
>     * References: <001e01c45681$0c17c1f0$13c8cb0c@lump>
> On Sun, 2004-06-20 at 14:42, Michael D. Stemle, Jr. wrote:
> > I downloaded the latest setup.exe from the and it crashed
> > when I ran it.  Windows stuff says AppName: setup.exe offset: 000df270.
> > Attached is a copy of the executable and a copy of the appcompat.txt
> > file both in a tarball.
> > 
> > Please note that my machine has no drive named "C", but instead my
> > primary drive is lettered "F".  Please also note that the setup.exe.old
> > file I got off of one of the mirrors is working just fine and I am
> > installing Cygwin from that one as I write this message.  Thanks!
> More information is needed for me to be able to assist you:
> what version numbers show in the "latest" and "old" version you refer to?
> How far in does the crashing one go before it crashes?
> I don't think that C/F has anything to do with it - my primary windows
> machine has its primary stuff on D... although it's a possibility I
> suppose.
> Rob
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