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Re: unison doesn't honor HOME when USERPROFILE is set, also permission/uid/gid problems when synchronizing

>>>>> Andrew Schulman writes:

     > I don't know OCaml, but that sure looks to me as though $UNISON is only 
    > used if $USERPROFILE and $HOME are not set.  And yet that behavior 
    > doesn't match what I observe on my host.  So that's why I asked, what 
    > happens if you export UNISON=/home/volker/.unison and rerun?  Does 
    > unison use $UNISON, or $USERPROFILE/.unison?

As I told you above. It uses $UNISON also in my case.

Probably this part from takes precedence then:

(*                           UNISON DIRECTORY                                *)

(* Gives the fspath of the archive directory on the machine, depending on    *)
(* which OS we use                                                           *)
let unisonDir =
  try Fspath.canonize (Some (Unix.getenv "UNISON"))
  with Not_found ->
    let genericName = Util.fileInHomeDir (Printf.sprintf ".%s" Uutil.myName) in
    if Osx.isMacOSX then
      let osxName = Util.fileInHomeDir "Library/Application Support/Unison" in
      if Sys.file_exists genericName then Fspath.canonize (Some genericName)
      else Fspath.canonize (Some osxName)
      Fspath.canonize (Some genericName)

(* build a fspath representing an archive child path whose name is given

So the first part of my patch seems ok:

 ---        2004-09-28 09:45:32.940632000 +0200
 +++     2004-09-28 08:40:28.926936000 +0200
 @@ -358,10 +358,10 @@
    match osType with
      `Win32 ->
        let dirString =
 -        try Unix.getenv "USERPROFILE" (* Windows NT/2K *)
 -        with Not_found ->
          try Unix.getenv "HOME" (* Windows 9x with Cygwin HOME set *)
          with Not_found ->
 +        try Unix.getenv "USERPROFILE" (* Windows NT/2K *)
 +        with Not_found ->
          try Unix.getenv "UNISON" (* Use UNISON dir if none of
                                      the above are set *)
          with Not_found -> "c:/" (* Default *) in


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