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Re: cygheap problems with 1.5.11

Dr. Volker Zell wrote:
I noticed the same. But I'm not sure when it start happening.
I recently upgraded to cygwin-1.5.11, the latest xorg- stuff
and also to zlib-1.2.1/bzip2-1.0.2. Afterwards I had problems
with apache which could be solved as usually with a rebaseall
including my self compiled dll's.
> I only noticed the problem after this procedure. So I'm not sure
> what's the culprit.

Now that you mention it, I also ran a rebaseall because of Perl modules right before the cygheap problem happened. In fact, I think that was the first time I rebased using cygwin-1.5.11; maybe that's what needs to be investigated.

In my case the cygheap_fixup_in_child error manifests only in a
couple of gnome1 applications which I compiled by myself. It looks as
so all apps which are dependent on /opt/gnome1/bin/cygart_lgpl-2.dll
are infected. All my other gnome1 apps works just fine. For example:
I'm not seeing the problem so far with officially released apps.
For example gpg --version works fine here.
So I think I'm on my own here.

Well, right now gpg, XWin, XWin_GL all aren't working, along with my self-compiled snownews, plus any program that I've compiled since the problem first happened.

Again, the common factor seems to be rebasing with cygwin-1.5.11. Could someone *please* investigate (before my cygwin becomes completely unusable!).

BTW, Gerrit, I was working on getting together a bunch of Gnome prereqs for ITP at the time, but I can't do anything now until this is fixed. :-(


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