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Re: crontab/mount problem

Larry Hall wrote:
Read this:


If you've installed cron as directed, you won't have access to non-publicly
accessible shares. Your options are to make the shares accessible to all
without authentication or run 'cron' as a service under the same user as owns the crontab. The former opens up your share's permissions significantly. The latter makes 'cron' usable by only you.

There's plenty in the email archives about all this too if you're looking for more reading.

I'm wondering if this restriction also applies to e.g. DCOM permissions?

I'm using cron to run a C# program (my own) which extracts contacts info from Outlook to an LDIF file, for importing into openldap. This works fine on the command line, and works with cron running as myself.

With cron running as System, using setuid to myself, the Outlook COM object model refuses access. ("new Outlook.ApplicationClass" throws an UnauthorizedAccessException.)

I'd rather avoid having to hardcode my user name and password into the cygrunsrv command line, so any ideas would be appreciated.

Cheers, Rob

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