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unison doesn't honor HOME when USERPROFILE is set, also permission/uid/gid problems when synchronizing


I installed unison-2.10.2-1 and tried to sync 2 directories
with the following default.prf in my /home/vzell/.unison

# Unison preferences file

First of all unison didn't find my $HOME/.unison but instead created a
new one under C:\Documents and Settings\vzell :-( and second unison
didn't honour the above preferences after editing the new
C:\Documents and Settings\vzell\.unison\default.prf.

I compiled already unison in 2002 and used it to sync files with
different owner/group membership and, in case of new files with
permissions different from the umask value, I wanted unison to also sync
permissions. Both of this can be achieved with the patch below.

Any chance that this can be incorporated in the next release ?

---        2004-09-28 09:45:32.940632000 +0200
+++     2004-09-28 08:40:28.926936000 +0200
@@ -358,10 +358,10 @@
   match osType with
     `Win32 ->
       let dirString =
-        try Unix.getenv "USERPROFILE" (* Windows NT/2K *)
-        with Not_found ->
         try Unix.getenv "HOME" (* Windows 9x with Cygwin HOME set *)
         with Not_found ->
+        try Unix.getenv "USERPROFILE" (* Windows NT/2K *)
+        with Not_found ->
         try Unix.getenv "UNISON" (* Use UNISON dir if none of
                                     the above are set *)
         with Not_found -> "c:/" (* Default *) in
---    2004-09-28 09:43:28.010992000 +0200
+++ 2004-09-28 08:41:27.090571200 +0200
@@ -346,7 +346,7 @@
   let someHostIsCaseInsensitive =
     someHostIsRunningWindows || someHostRunningOsX in
   Case.init someHostIsCaseInsensitive;
-  Props.init someHostIsRunningWindows;
+(*  Props.init someHostIsRunningWindows; *)
   Osx.init someHostRunningOsX;
   return ())

By the way I had to export also the following env var to compile from

export OSCOMP=cygwingnuc

Otherwise I get:

Linking unison.exe
ocamlopt -verbose -I lwt -I ubase -noautolink -o unison.exe   unix.cmxa str.cmxa -cclib win32rc/unison.res -cclib -lunix -cclib -lstr ubase/myMap.cmx ubase/safelist.cmx ubase/uprintf.cmx ubase/util.cmx ubase/rx.cmx ubase/uarg.cmx ubase/prefs.cmx ubase/trace.cmx lwt/pqueue.cmx lwt/lwt.cmx lwt/lwt_util.cmx lwt/lwt_unix.cmx case.cmx pred.cmx uutil.cmx fileutil.cmx name.cmx path.cmx fspath.cmx fingerprint.cmx osx.cmx props.cmx fileinfo.cmx os.cmx lock.cmx clroot.cmx common.cmx tree.cmx checksum.cmx terminal.cmx transfer.cmx xferhint.cmx remote.cmx copy.cmx globals.cmx update.cmx files.cmx sortri.cmx recon.cmx transport.cmx strings.cmx uicommon.cmx uitext.cmx main.cmx linktext.cmx osxsupport.o pty.o
+ as -o '/tmp/camlstartup501362.o' '/tmp/camlstartupa221bf.s'
+ gcc   -o 'unison.exe' -I'/usr/lib/ocaml'  '/tmp/camlstartup501362.o' '/usr/lib/ocaml/std_exit.o' 'linktext.o' 'main.o' 'uitext.o' 'uicommon.o' 'strings.o' 'transport.o' 'recon.o' 'sortri.o' 'files.o' 'update.o' 'globals.o' 'copy.o' 'remote.o' 'xferhint.o' 'transfer.o' 'terminal.o' 'checksum.o' 'tree.o' 'common.o' 'clroot.o' 'lock.o' 'os.o' 'fileinfo.o' 'props.o' 'osx.o' 'fingerprint.o' 'fspath.o' 'path.o' 'name.o' 'fileutil.o' 'uutil.o' 'pred.o' 'case.o' 'lwt/lwt_unix.o' 'lwt/lwt_util.o' 'lwt/lwt.o' 'lwt/pqueue.o' 'ubase/trace.o' 'ubase/prefs.o' 'ubase/uarg.o' 'ubase/rx.o' 'ubase/util.o' 'ubase/uprintf.o' 'ubase/safelist.o' 'ubase/myMap.o' '/usr/lib/ocaml/str.a' '/usr/lib/ocaml/unix.a' '/usr/lib/ocaml/stdlib.a'  '-Llwt' '-Lubase' '-L/usr/lib/ocaml' 'win32rc/unison.res' '-lunix' '-lstr' 'osxsupport.o' 'pty.o' '/usr/lib/ocaml/libasmrun.a' -lm 
win32rc/unison.res: file not recognized: File format not recognized
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
Error during linking
make: *** [unison.exe] Error 2


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