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Re: Make Utility and DuplicateHandle(In) failed (e=6)

On Tue, Sep 28, 2004 at 12:13:16PM +1000, Jussi Jumppanen wrote:
>Some time ago "luca landi" <llandi at hotmail dot com> wrote:
>>problem running make 3.77.94 inside bash
>>It appears that new cygwin.dll or bash.exe is causing some problem with
>>console handling.  In the case above, bash is run inside a command
>>shell window and then make is launched as a child process of the shell.
>>The error above appears to be related to handling of stdin.  What
>>should happen is that make is trying to duplicate a copy of stdin to
>>pass to child process as default stdin for the child.  However, the
>>call to DuplicateHandle() (a WIN32 API) is failing because of an e=6.

You're apparently quoting an old message with no attribution and
providing no way of knowing whether this relates to an already fixed bug
or not.

>Quite some time later it does appear that the problem or a problem
>similar to this still exists, at least with the make utility :(
>I had a user report the exact same error message when using the Zeus
>for Windows IDE to run the Gnu make utility.  A quick search of google
>shows that other programs have come across the same error condition.
>After some investigation, it looks like the bug also relates to the
>cmd.exe interpreter.  In fact if the is used then the
>problem goes away.
>For any one that might be interested, more details on the bug and the
>resulting workaround can be found at the following forum topic:

I think you're a tad confused.  This is cygwin, not zeusedit.  Cygwin's
make doesn't even contain the string "DuplicateHandle(ln)".

And, for once, it looks like zeusedit doesn't actually use cygwin at
all.  I'm probably wrong and they are the standard people abusing the
cygwin license in the standard way, but AFAICT, they seem to be
using a windows version of make.


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