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Re: Wget incorrectly mirroring some web site directories and files.

Brian Dessent wrote:
L Anderson wrote:

Is it a bug/feature in 'wget'; i.e., 'wget' handles the '\' not as a
directory thingy but as part of the file name thus converting things
like 'x\y' to 'x%5Cy' or is it caused by some other part of cygwin?

This is the fault of the web site author.  If he uses <img
src="x\y.jpg"> in his html then the correct behavior of the browser is
to attempt to download x%5Cy.jpg.  That is, backslashes are not valid
path seperators in URLs, and it's only because your browser is allowing
you some leeway and not following the standards that the site works
correctly.  Email the person that created the page and tell them not to
use backslashes in URLs as path seperators.

Aaarrrrggghhhh!! I was afraid of something like this. It's amazing how many web authors do it. Your rapid reply certainly saved me from chasing a fruitless rabbit down the wrong hole, so to speak.

Thanks much!!!

Lowell Anderson

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