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Wget incorrectly mirroring some web site directories and files.

When I use 'wget' to mirror some web sites, I notice a peculiar behavior I'm unable to find described in the mail archives or with google. To wit(using MSWindows directory notation):

If a web site has something like the following stored on 'host':
where the web page 'u.html' contains the references:


the images 'v.jpg' and 'w.gif' show nicely when browsing the page 'u.html' at 'host'. However, mirroring 'host\root' web pages using:

'wget -m -p -np http://host/root/'

results in 'wget' creating on my machine:
rather than
as expected. Needless to say, this results in the images 'v.jpg' and 'w.gif' not displaying when browsing 'u.html' locally because they are renamed and then stored in their "parent" directory.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior?

Has it been previously described and I just missed it?

Is it a bug/feature in 'wget'; i.e., 'wget' handles the '\' not as a directory thingy but as part of the file name thus converting things like 'x\y' to 'x%5Cy' or is it caused by some other part of cygwin?

Also, I seem to remember reading 'wget' as being an orphan--no maintainer. Is this still true and if so, is it because there are other/preferred replacements to 'wget'?

Before digging deeper into this problem, I would greatly appreciate any insight and information anyone can provide me.

I'm running:	Win98SE
		Wget 1.9.1-1
		Cygwin 1.5.10-cr-0x5e6
		Setup: unix, all users


Lowell Anderson

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