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Re: Is setup.exe _supposed_ to delete the cygwin dll before attempting to run shell scripts?

Dave Korn wrote:

> > Oh, did I forget to say the graph must be a DAG before starting?  :)
> > Anyway, there are heuristics that could be used to find the best
> > "feedback set" of edges for which removal would result in an acyclic
> > graph.  e.g. the one described at
> > <>
>   Deleting edges from a graph won't actually make a package that depends on
> another operate successfully without that other package present!  OTOH what
> I think might work would be to identify loops in the full dependency graph
> and treat them as single packages that must be installed or uninstalled
> together - effectively encapsulating the loop inside a single node and
> thereby reducing the graph to a DAG.

I was really only suggesting it as a way to order installation and
uninstallation, not as a general dependency mechanism.  If you have a
circular dependency there's no way to resolve which preremove /
postinstall should be run first (unless you launch them both in the
background :) so the act of finding the minimal number of edges
necessary to remove the cycles shouldn't cause too much issue.


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