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Re: cygrunsrv fails to run services

On Mon, 27 Sep 2004, Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

> Igor schrieb:
> > On Mon, 27 Sep 2004, Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
> >> Igor wrote:
> >>
> >> Coming back with this now. Today I upgraded cygwin from 1.5.5 to 1.5.11
> >> at another box, now the same problems here, starting sshd gives me an
> >> error 1062 or 1067, depending on the way how I start it, via Service
> >> Control or via cygrunsrv from the prompt.  I have check_case:strict here
> >> too.  Removing check_case:strict from the environment resolves the
> >> problem.
> > Another workaround is to fix the cases of directories in your PATH. If
> > you do that, you can keep the "check_case:strict" setting.
> I verified that the actual directory names and the settings in PATH are
> the same, is there another place where Windows returns garbage?

Umm, if you have problems with the cygrunsrv command, it's likely that you
used the wrong directory/filename case when you installed the service.  If
so, than the above is expected behavior, and not a bug.

If you really are seeing the bug that I reported earlier (the one with
PATH conversion), it's very easy to reproduce: just start cmd.exe *from*
bash, and echo the PATH -- you'll see that the PATH is cut off at the
directory with the wrong case.

> >> Now I wonder what was changed in Cygwin so that it doesn't work anymore
> >> when check_case:strict is defined, it used to work back in the good old
> >> B20 days up to at least 1.5.5 and now with 1.5.10 it doesn't work
> >> anymore, sigh!
> > That's a good question.  Try as I might, I couldn't see *any* changes in
> > the code that could have caused this behavior to change.  All of
> > the relevant code was written as far back as 2001...
> Actually I upgraded to 1.5.11, but I saw the problems also with 1.5.10,
> cannot say when the cut happened, IIRC I used 1.5.5 and then upgraded to
> 1.5.10.

It's also possible that some file inadvertently changed case in the
installation tarballs between your old and new versions of Cygwin.  If
that is the case, then again, the above behavior is expected.

> I don't think that it is in the path code.  Must be some other reason.
> E.g. cygserver runs in background, but cygrunsrv thinks it receives an
> error and exits, also sshd is running happily in background without
> cygrunsrv sitting on it.  So it is not the problem that the application
> is not running.

Huh?  The whole point of cygrunsrv is to take a *foreground* application
and turn it into a service.  That's why you specify the "-F" flag to
httpd, and the "-D" flag to sshd when you install them as services using

> > FWIW, I'm hoping to submit a patch tonight with one possible fix for this.

The "this" above is the Win32->Cygwin->Win32 path conversion bug, which
apparently isn't what you're seeing.
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