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Re: Convert Word/html/pdf/TeX to Postscript

On Mon, 27 Sep 2004, Alex Vinokur wrote:

> "Igor Pechtchanski" wrote:
> [snip]
> > TeX->PS: need you ask?  LaTeX! :-)

Actually, just to correct this in the archives:

TeX->PS: for plain TeX documents, use "tex".  For LaTeX documents, use

> [snip]
> Perhaps, off-topic:
> * What TeX/LaTeX is?
> * Why do we need it an additinon to PostScript and PDF,
> * Who uses TeX/LaTeX ? For what?
> * TeX  vs. LaTeX ?
> Sorry for possible off-topic.

This is indeed off-topic.  You're better off asking on news:comp.text.tex
or something.  Most of this is also probably in the LaTeX FAQ.

The only on-topic LaTeX-related questions on this list would be problem
reports specific to the Cygwin version of LaTeX.
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