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Re: Convert Word/html/pdf/TeX to Postscript

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"Alex Vinokur" <> writes:

> "Igor Pechtchanski" wrote in message">
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>> TeX->PS: need you ask?  LaTeX! :-)
> [snip]
> Perhaps, off-topic:

Most probably, but it is included with Cygwin.

> * What TeX/LaTeX is?

It's a macro language and associated tools used for professional
high-quality typesetting.  It's very nice.

> * Why do we need it an additinon to PostScript and PDF,

It's used to /generate/ PS and PDF (as well as other formats).

> * Who uses TeX/LaTeX ? For what?

Me.  For letters, scientific and technical writing, documentation,
tutorials; basically any writing more complex than plain text.
(Sometimes I use groff -ms instead though--that's another typesetting
system also available with Cygwin.)

> * TeX  vs. LaTeX ?

TeX is the basic program and language primitives.  LaTeX is a set of
macros "on top" of TeX which make it simpler, easier and more
convenient to use (i.e. more high level).  It's a similar markup (in
concept, not appearance) to DocBook, though it allows far more freedom
and flexibility in terms of fine-tuning and customising the layout.
It's also much more extensible.

Here's one example:
If you unpack it, check ogcalc.tex (the source) and ogcalc.pdf (the
final document).  It makes a use of a good range of features, and adds
some custom stuff as the top.


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