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Re: "which" command does not expand "~" in path

On Sun, 26 Sep 2004, Sven Köhler wrote:

> > > Instead, the shell usually substitutes ~ or ~user.
> > > Look at this the output of these commands:
> > >     echo ~
> > >     echo "~"
> >
> > This is probably common knowledge, but I learned last night that sh never
> > expands ~.  Under sh, the two lines above yield the same output, simply ~.
> I can confirm that for cygwin.
> The "common knowledge" may be, because the most Linux-systems have sh linked
> to bash. Cygwin seems to have a separate "sh" installed.

As do most non-Linux systems.

> But is there any command that give's me the home for a given username?

bash -c "echo ~username"


Or you could write one using the getpwnam() call (better yet, the
reentrant versions, getpwnam_r()), and submit it to, say, cygutils (since
sh-utils is no longer being actively developed).
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