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Re: Adding "cygwin here" to Windows Explorer

* Gerrit P. Haase (2004-09-25 21:29 +0200)
> Am Samstag, 25. September 2004 um 21:03 schriebst du:
>> Christopher Faylor schrieb:
>>> Is there any chance that this could be rolled into a package so that we
>>> don't have to rehash it every few weeks.  This discussion really is
>>> getting rather old.  If it is something that people just have to have,
>>> then can someone roll it into a package and get it into the
>>> distribution?
>> Gerrit?
>> See
> There were problems with this on XP and it supports only rxvt with
> bash, well we could offer several packages, or just one basic package
> that installs a "Bash Prompt here" link with cmd (or isn't cmd
> available everywhere?) or use rxvt since this is always available.

cmd isn't available on Win9x. rxvt is always available but not always
> But which color, fontcolor, scrollbar right or left, cursor small or
> big, cursor color, etc. to select?  Just like my settings, or yours?

The rxvt plain setup is really ugly but you shouldn't overwrite the
settings of someone's .Xdefaults. And what about those people who use
csh/zsh/ksh as their login shell?

I think it shouldn't be a package but a FAQ entry how to do it with
different shells and different terminals (Windows console and rxvt).
The main problem with the old solutions (yours included) is that they
require files to be downloaded and installed (meaning put to a
specific location).

The advantage of Tero Niemela's and Henry S. Thompson's solutions is
that they only require the the HKCU entry and and entry in your
personal .shell-login file.

I didn't want to install a second layer of files so Tero Niemela's
very minimalistic solution was the first I ever tried and stayed with.


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