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Problems with pthread mutexes

Hi all,

I've got a problem with pthread mutexes and cygwin. When I try to initialise a mutex
attribute variable, the related pthread call never returns a 0 (zero) value.


  int result = 0;
  pthread_mutexattr_t mutex_attr;

  if ((result = pthread_mutexattr_init(&mutex_attr)) != 0)
     printf("Error - Description: %s\n",stderror(result));

I'm using the latest snapshot as of 24th Sept, and also got the latest
gcc, I'm running on windows 2000 with sp4, I've also tried on win xp
with sp2 same cygwin install etc, yet the same problem occurs.

Same code compiles ok on NetBSD 1.62 and Mandrake 10.1 and gives a non erroneous return code.

Any ideas, any help would be very much appreciated.


Arash Partow

Be one who knows what they don't know,
Instead of being one who knows not what they don't know,
Thinking they know everything about all things.


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