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"which" command does not expand "~" in path

If your PATH contains the tilde character (eg. "~/bin:.......") the cygwin version of "which" seems to fail to expand the "~" and will then not locate any commands in ~/bin (or any other directory on the path containing "~" presumably).

I'm 99% sure it's cygwin's version of "which" causing the issue, because I compiled the GNU version and it works as expected (2.16 works out of the box with ./configure & make).
(incidentally, the cygwin which.exe is about 5k and the gnu one is about 80k!)

Uncomment the following section in ~/.bash_profile (from /etc/skel/.bash_profile)
Set PATH so it includes user's private bin if it exists
if [ -d ~/bin ] ; then
Create a ~/bin then copy a command of some kind into it for testing (say "testprogram.exe"), then logout & log in again:

> which testprogram
testprogram: Command not found.
> whichgnu testprogram

(whichgnu being the gnu version of "which" in this case)
I hope that was a simple enough example. I have reported this before (see ), but I'm trying harder this time :)

Regards, Errol

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