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the real, working, tested way to do this is... (Re: special install)

I have done this type of installation many times since now, so read

Be prepared to download 420+ MB.

To download all of cygwin, without installing it:
- Download and start setup.exe
- "Download Source" screen: select "Download from internet"
- "Local packages directory" screen: select a clean directory where you want
to download all of cygwin.
- "Internet connection" screen: free choice.
- "download site" screen: free choice (Select the fastest you think,
possibly the nearest to you)
- "Select packages" screen: Find first row is "all | Default", click with
your mouse over the word "Default", wait some seconds, notice that now you
see "install" at place of "default"
- go on and download starts.

To make the cygwin CD:
- Remember the directory you you choiced at "local packages directory"
point. It will have these files: setup.log, setup.log.full, a directory with
a name that resembles the download site.
- put the setup.exe in that directory.
- now put that directory on a CD. In doing so, you will hit probably with
incompatibility with ISO standards for CDs. If so, read below.

To work around ISO incompatibility
- abbreviate the name of local packages directory. "cygwin" will be enough,
don't you think?
- You can also change (abbreviate) the name of that directory with name that
resembles the download site. Usually, it is 60+ character (when the ISO
limit is 255 chars for a full pathname from root to file in the leaf dir).
You achieve the best when change it to a single char, like "d".
- Finally, to avoid burning an illegible CD, make your tries with a CDRW.
Later, it will return useful when you want to update the cygwin packages on
all computers!
- A safe method to avoid all that complications is to compress the entire
directory: exploits the fact that compression formats (zip, ace, rar,
tar...) store the filename structure in the same compressed archive. But
keep in mind that you need to extract that compressed archive in each
computer now.

To install the CD.
- explore the CD, open the packages directory, execute setup.exe.
- "Download Source" screen: select "Install from local directory"
- "Local packages directory" screen: select the packages directory in the
- Next screens: free choice. You can return to use guide to
installation now.

I hope that my experience will be useful, I excuse for my little english,
and I hope to inspire a FAQ for future.

I use PGP/GPG. Ask for my key if interested.

"Calman, Jack" <> ha scritto nel messaggio">
> Hi,
>  Our group is interested in installing cygwin on a group of classified
> computers that are not connected to the internet. Would you please tell me
> how to download what I need from the internet. Then I'll put it on a CD,
> carry it into the classified room, and then install on the computers
>  Thanks,
>  - Jack Calman
> Johns Hopkins University
> Applied Physics Lab
> Laurel, MD

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