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Re: Loading gcc-compiled DLL with Java (JNI) crashes when using newer (>1.5.5) cygwin1.dll


Please do not send private mail with Cygwin questions.  All Cygwin
questions should be addressed to the appropriate Cygwin mailing list.
Addressing your questions to the list not only gives you access to more
expertise than any one person can provide, but also ensures that your
questions and the answers you get are archived on the web for others to
find later.  I'm forwarding this message to the main Cygwin mailing list,
and setting the Reply-To: field accordingly.

On Fri, 24 Sep 2004, Norbert Krömeke wrote:

> Hi Igor,
> I have the same Problem on Windows 2000. While the Jave VM try to load
> my DLL compiled with 1.5.11 cygwin, she stays in
> System.load() for ever. No Exception will be generated.
> The same sources compiled with 1.5.5 are loaded without
> any problems.
> Any idea?
> Best Regards
> Norbert Krömeke

<>.  I doubt anyone will be able to
figure out which "Problem" you're referring to without a quoted message or
a description.

At a guess, you mean that you've built a DLL with Cygwin's gcc, and are
unable to load that into a Java VM via JNI.  This is expected behavior --
cygwin1.dll is *not* dynamically loadable (and thus, any DLL that depends
on it won't be).  <>.

You may consider MinGW as your alternative (use the -mno-cygwin gcc option
when building the DLL).  Be aware that a) you won't get all of the POSIX
functionality that Cygwin provides, and b) any questions about this setup
should be addressed to the MinGW mailing lists.
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