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Re: PCYMTNQREAIYR, it really works.

Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

Hello Andrew,

You can filter about hundred mails a day, maybe 250, but since I'm getting 1000 mails a day and more my machine is quite busy with filtering.

Hell I'm filtering 1000 - 1500 per day and putting them into an SQL database as well as bouncing most of them on my little 333 Mhz Linux box without the CPU dropping below 90% idle.

I really should install another system... which database are you using?


Which program?

Which "program"? Hmmm... Which processes you mean? There are many programs. They work together. I use Mandrake 9.1. I also use Exim. The .forward facility pipes the messages through a Perl script that talks to MySQL to determine if the email should be whitelisted, blacklisted, nulllisted or returned and if returned it stores a copy in the database. To return it it talks to Exim (or whatever MTA). Returns are directed to my web site to "register" and become whitelisted so there's a web server (Apache 2.0) with associated Perl script to register people. There's also a main site that you log into to monitor your email, perhaps add somebody to the white list or black list, etc. You can do reports like Top 10 Spam domains, etc. You can also look at spam that was returned or mailloops (when a robot emails you, you return it, it returns to you, etc, I block that out at 5 attempts). The web site is mainly Perl but some parts have been rewritten using PHP. So there is no "program" as per se rather there are a set of processes, all home grown.

I'm interested to do the same, but I have not found the all in one solution yet,

"All in one solutions are not us!". As I said, I've written my own. Why? Cause there are no all in one solutions that solve my needs in the manner I want.

Although I designed my MAPS <> (Mail Authorization and Permission System - SPAM spelled backwards!) system as a multi user system I have not finished coding it up so that it can be used by all. The big thing I need to do is to make a MAPSPop client. The theory is that this POP client would be installed by the end user and their email client would be configured to pop off the local host. There would be a config file that would tell MAPSPop where to go to pop the mail (e.g. with a username and password and a MAPS username and password. It would effectively pass most POP operations off to the real POP server ( but when email was supposed to be delivered it would check with the MAPS database and user account to filter/store/return/etc the email and only hand over the emails that were white listed. This would allow anybody to use MAPS as a filter with their favorite POP email account. That part I have not yet tackled. Why? Well because currently MAPS works just fine for me and I don't have anybody beating down my door wanting MAPSPop. Plus I'd have to recode a POP server and, to make it palatable to the Windows crowd, have an install shield package to install/configure MAPSPop.

there is dbmail, but it doesn't work with Windows (or Cygwin) yet.

Don't see how dbmail will help you with spam. -- Never raise your hands to your kids. It leaves your groin unprotected.

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