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Re: New packge: lighttpd-1.3.0

"Gerrit P. Haase" wrote:

> > Hmm, looking at it again I see that you may be right.  I was having
> > problems with it not finding libxml2 (which on cygwin is just
> > /usr/lib/libxml2.dll.a and .la) but it appears that all the others are
> > extraneous.  They must have been remnants left over of various failed
> > attempts at getting it to go, before everything was working.
> I thought at first a little workaround is easier, since there is
> already $SHLIB_SUFFIX_NAME in use we could define this with .dll.a,
> but I'm not sure if it is used for different too.

$SHLIB_SUFFIX_NAME is ".so" even under the Cygwin build so it can't
possibly be doing anything useful.  I think I considered setting it to
".dll.a" at some point but was able to get it going without needing to
go that far.

> > What do you mean "no automake and libtool"?
> They have proudly announced somewhere that they have abandoned
> automake and now they are using libtool but not automake which is
> not ideal, but it works.  Anyway, I hate it to hack Makefiles, I
> really like automake since it creates Makefiles so I don't need to
> hack them, just modifying the template is easier.

I see.  Well, I haven't had to modify any generated files - most of my
changes have been in acinclude.m4 or config.m4, to the places that
generate the Makefiles.  They're not using automake but they've
essentially crafted their own equivalent.  For example the function
PHP_NEW_EXTENSION in the top-level acinclude.m4 is what generates the
Makefile fragments for each extension, so a single change there will
modify the link command for all extensions.


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