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Re: New packge: lighttpd-1.3.0

Hello Brian,

Am Donnerstag, 23. September 2004 um 23:34 schriebst du:

> "Gerrit P. Haase" wrote:

>> I dislike this, as long as they use libtool we should try to use it.

> It wasn't my first choice either.  I tried to find a "libtool
> --mode=link" command line that would take the specified *.lo files and
> produce a .dll, but I could not find a way.  It just seemed silly to
> link to .a and .la and then basically relink the whole thing over again
> (having to respecify all the dependent libs) in that awful
> hack.  If you know of how to tell libtool to make a .dll then I'm all
> ears.  The other problem with leaving them as .a / .la is that they must
> be dynamically loaded with dlopen().  I tried using the produced .a
> files but got an error about "not a valid format" or something because
> the underlying Windows function expected a .dll.

I think I have found it, but wait until the final test runs ok.

>> Are the fixes in the config.m4 file really needed?  Which of our
>> libraries are not available as static archive so they are not found?

> Hmm, looking at it again I see that you may be right.  I was having
> problems with it not finding libxml2 (which on cygwin is just
> /usr/lib/libxml2.dll.a and .la) but it appears that all the others are
> extraneous.  They must have been remnants left over of various failed
> attempts at getting it to go, before everything was working.

I thought at first a little workaround is easier, since there is
already $SHLIB_SUFFIX_NAME in use we could define this with .dll.a,
but I'm not sure if it is used for different too.

>> I have a fix (cygwin-special) for the DBA / BDB4 issue.
>> I will try to figure out how to get all the shared modules with the
>> built-in methods (no automake & libtool).

> What do you mean "no automake and libtool"?

They have proudly announced somewhere that they have abandoned
automake and now they are using libtool but not automake which is
not ideal, but it works.  Anyway, I hate it to hack Makefiles, I
really like automake since it creates Makefiles so I don't need to
hack them, just modifying the template is easier.


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