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Re: Cygwin processes getting stuck on max CPU usage; XP SP2 problem?

Simon Barnes wrote:

Some of my colleagues and I are seeing this without using Process Explorer. No doubt some other automated process is triggering it, but we don't know which.

Is there anything I can do to help work towards a fix? It's moderately inconvenient having to restart rxvt or bash every few hours.


If you have symbols installed and you list the threads for the hung Cygwin process you'll see the stuck one is in a loop in ntdll.dll!RtlConvertUiListToApiList, as well as a corresponding thread in csrss.exe (CSRSRV.dll!ValidateMessageString) for each. The CPU usage seems to be split equally between them all.

So, it's definitely an interaction between Cygwin and Process Explorer's grubby little fingers... however no one seems to be interestd in fixing it so for the time being the solution seems to be "Don't accidently enable the 'DLLs View' of a cygwin process in ProcExp."

Ah ha! I thought only I was seeing this oddity! What I would see is csrss consuming CPU wildly along with cron and inetd. My usually workaround would be to net stop/start cron and inetd and things were fine again. Then I'd scratch my head and wonder how that happened. I thought of reporting it but it seemed elusive and sporadic. Hmmm... I usually use procexp at work but not as much at home. My problem happens at home but not as much at work. The procexp I have at work is newer than the one at home (just adding data points).

Next time this happens I'll try to remember to note if procexp is running. I wonder if killing procexp also fixes the problem.

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