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Re: PCYMTNQREAIYR, it really works.

Gerrit P. Haase schrieb:
Spamming is more or less an industry now, ...

All what clients can do about spam is to completely ignore all emails
which are not from known senders, so you get just some crap through
the lists, even no personal replies to some list postings if you have
the sender not whitelisted, so to unsubscribe the lists is what
remains to do, just use email to send and use news to read list

To filter out spam at the client side is not possible, I would need
another PC just to filter my emails... saying this I think now:
"Email is dead."

no, spam filtering works very good.
I use server-side spamassasin, which gets about 200 per day.
And then client-side the mozilla bayes junk filter, which gets the other 200 spam messages per day.

only about 5 spam msgs get through, and only about one false-positive per week.
so I could easily switch off my contract some years ago.

PCYMTNQREAIYR does not help for me, since I'm FAQ author and perl cpan author. this is a bad combination.

We really need some *global* rules, e.g. SPF and some other, similar
method, to get 99% of spamservers out of the internet.

hmm, this is against business interest of the large isp's. the make a lot of good money with their "newsletter" clients. and authenticated-only sending will not help a lot. -- Reini Urban

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