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Re: special install

On Sep 23, 2004, at 10:32 AM, Dave Korn wrote:

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Sent: 23 September 2004 18:16

"Calman, Jack" writes:


Our group is interested in installing cygwin on a group of
computers that are not connected to the internet. Would you
please tell me
how to download what I need from the internet. Then I'll
put it on a CD,
carry it into the classified room, and then install on the
computers there.

Thanks, - Jack Calman Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab Laurel, MD

After you have a working installation on any computer, you can zip and
copy the C:\CYGWIN directory.  It is totally self contained, and
should work fine anywhere.

Nonsense! That method won't create any mount points in the registry, nor
will it run any post-install scripts. The correct method is to run
setup.exe, select 'Download from internet', download everything, burn the
temporary storage directory to cd along with a copy of setup.exe, then on
each enduser machine you run setup.exe and tell it to 'Install from local
directory', pointing at the download dir that you burnt to CD.

Actually, what the person mention would work. Only thing left out would be the registry settings. If the user has a working copy then everything is already set up in the cygwin directory. Copying this to another machine would be perfectly fine. I know because I've done something like this before and it has worked for me.

Potential problems could arise in
1) Registry settings. These would need to be exported. Actually, I think if they don't exist cygwin will create registry setting minus the mount points. The mount points would need to be adjusted or imported from the original. This could also be part of the zip file.
2) post-install scripts have already be run via initial setup. However something would need to be done if any of the programs are set up as windows services.
3) passwd file. If the same users exist on each machine, then this isn't an issue. However domain users would need to be added. This could be done before zipping cygwin directory.

cheers, DaveK -- Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

Enjoy, Peter ------------------------------ A Møøse once bit my sister

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