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RE: PCYMTNQREAIYR, it really works.

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004, Hughes, Bill wrote:

> [various recipes for spammer treatment snipped]
> Next job is to work out how to use fetchmail+procmail+postfix+... to help me
> not to have to play whack a mole quite so much.
> I'm grateful to the this list (can't remember who in particular) for telling
> me about outlook-quotefix which Just Works(tm). It's not Cygwin related but
> this should be in a FAQ somewhere - maybe in the OLOCA as a link under

You know, I was just thinking that.  However, I'd rather not include
links specific to Outlook (or even Pine, or any other mailer) into the
OLOCA.  If someone comes up with a nice handy Google search string that
covers various mailers, I'll consider putting that in.  Alternatively, if
anyone wants to maintain a page which is mailer-agnostic and collects all
such fixes, I'll put a link to that.
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