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Re: PCYMTNQREAIYR, it really works.

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004, Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

> To filter out spam at the client side is not possible...

Well, aside from an occasional simpleton who gets duped into replying to a
spam message, the main danger of spam is the mass e-mailing aspect that
ties up computer and network resources.  So I guess what you meant to say
was that client-side spam filtering is possible but useless.

> We really need some *global* rules, e.g. SPF and some other, similar
> method, to get 99% of spamservers out of the internet.

Unfortunately, spammers use more elaborate methods these days, including
worms and trojans (distributed via "pull", e.g., on web pages) to gain
"innocent" spam origin points.  So simply blocking off any server that
spam originates from will do no good without combined measures to stop
worms, etc.  It's an active research topic, but any current anti-spam
setup is at best run by heuristics, which sometimes go wrong.

However, this is now well and truly off-topic. :-)
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