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Re: Lot of undefined symbols at link time, even with -l option on good libraries

Thanks for this sample code => we are not far of the solution !

Same sample compile on my platform gives the following :
V:>gnatmake imp
      gnatbind -x imp.ali
      gnatlink imp.ali
      ./imp.o(.text+0x20):imp.adb: undefined reference to `_FormatMessageA'
      collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
      gnatlink: cannot call /usr/bin/gcc.exe
      gnatmake: *** link failed.

And of course nm command as a different result also :
00000000 b .bss
00000000 d .data
00000000 t .text
               U _FormatMessageA
00000000 T __ada_imp

Problem is in compile time, not in build time, my compiler doesn't generate apropriate symbols in objects files !

I'am using cygwin 1.5.11-1 ( latest release ) with GNAT / GCC 3.4.1 ( gcc-ada-3.4.1-20040711-1.tar.gz package ).
I can't use older version of GNAT because of bugs in gnat.socket package ( Gnat form of select() function limited to 32 simultaneous sockets for example ).

Cliff Hones a écrit :

Larry Hall wrote:

At 01:14 PM 9/22/2004, you wrote:

-----Original Message-----
From: Frédéric ORMANCEY
Sent: 22 September 2004 18:07

I did it, but it don't work !

Ah, ok, that was not clear from your last message!

The --enable-stdcall-fixup option suppress one warning on top of linker output trace :
AVERTISSEMENT: résolution de _GetModuleHandleA par un lien vers _GetModuleHandleA@4
and unfortunatly leave ALL other errors with no effect on it.

I see.  Hmm.  That's very strange; it should affect all the errors - that
is, if they're all the same kind of error.  OTOH it could be that you've
gotten the calling conventions wrong with the other pragmas, so that's why
--enable-stdcall-fixup doesn't work for them; there must be some different
reason why the errors are caused, since they behave differently.

You might care to experiment with the "--enable-auto-import" and, failing
that, "--enable-extra-pe-debug" options as well.

Or Frédéric could try specifying the link symbol he wants in the pragma
as suggested by an earlier poster (sorry, the thread is broken in the archives and I didn't put any effort into wading through the messages to trace it all back to that message).

That was me - but it seems Dave Korn's post broke the thread. But isn't it easy enough to sort messages on subject?

Anyway, I tried a noddy example, as follows...

Cliff@enigma ~
$ cat imp.adb
procedure imp is
 procedure Doit(A : integer; B : boolean; C : character);
 pragma Import (Stdcall, Doit, "FormatMessageA");
 Doit(1, true, 'x');

Cliff@enigma ~
$ gnat compile imp.adb
gcc -c imp.adb

Cliff@enigma ~
$ nm imp.o
00000000 b .bss
00000000 d .data
00000000 t .text
        U _FormatMessageA@12
00000000 T __ada_imp

So Gnat is generating a stdcall-style linker symbol with @12 (the
parameter block size) correctly appended.  If Frédéric is not seeing
this with stdcall, it is probably an indication that the specification
used for Doit is wrong - ie it hasn't been defined to take any parameters.

If you change the pragma line to
   pragma Import (Stdcall, Doit, Link_Name => "FormatMessageA");
the symbol is generated as
        U FormatMessageA@12

so you can generate it without the leading underscore, but with the
stdcall postfix, if you wish.

[Note - the above is just an example - the *real* FormatMessageA should
take 7 words (28 bytes) of parameters, and the Ada spec should match the
kernel32 definition.]

-- Cliff

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