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Re: clamav: libclamav as shared library

Yaakov Selkowitz schrieb:
First, thank you for contributing this project to the distro, and getting clamd working properly (something I've had trouble doing myself). I do have one request, however -- and I know it's not a big deal -- if you could build libclamav as a shared library.

This can be done by adding -no-undefined to libclamav_la_LDFLAGS in libclamav/, then run "autoreconf -i -f -v". This will increase the size of the patch, but it's really worth it to have shared libs, as many programs and bindings will benefit. Both shared and static libraries will be built by default; I usually add --disable-static to the configure flags in this case, as I usually find that static libs just take up space.

Ok, I'll do. Thanks for the hint.
clamav is one of those package which is updated very frequently, so you can expect 0.80 soon.

(The ANNOUNCEMENT also. It got late yesterday.)
Reini Urban

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