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Re: New packge: lighttpd-1.3.0

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004, Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

> Hello Brian,
> >> I hate this package since I tried to build it the first time.
> > Part of the problem here is that "We don't support building under
> > Cygwin" is the official line from php-dev.
> Sigh;)
> > I've got php-4.3.8 working fine as a DSO with Apache (a single 3.1M
> > chgphp4.dll.)  This works for whatever modules/extensions are statically
> > included, but obviously that's not quite acceptable.  If you
> > "--enable-foo=shared" you get a foo.a file in the modules dir, but this
> > is not a win32 executable and so it cannot be dlopen()'d.  I'm still
> > working on how to get these extension modules working, when I do I'll
> > ITP the whole batch.
> If it works on Linux to get .so shared modules, why should it not work
> on Cygwin to get the modules the same way?

It turns out that it does (I just got through the same pains with O'Caml,
which, BTW, will support dynamic loading as soon as I release the updated
package).  You can even name the libraries ".so" with no loss of function
(fewer changes to Makefiles), but I've only tested on WinXP.  The biggest
problem with Cygwin's shared modules is that any unresolved dependencies
have to be resolved at build time, so you end up with .so's depending on
other .so's, which have to be in the PATH.

> I have already half the way through, I'll hopefully get a shared
> library now and then I'll try to get the modules shared too.

I'd be glad to share my experiences of the O'Caml build (which also had an
added problem that it relied on .so's being able to load symbols from the
application that loaded them, a la Linux).  It turns out that, as long as
the dependencies can be found in the PATH and all the symbols are moved to
shared libraries, it wasn't that painful after all.
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