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Re: CYGWIN + APCHE + Net::SMTP works fine in the sysbash shell.


Prakash Khemani wrote:
> I have a simple perl mail program (pasted at the end of this
> mail). In the cygwin environment it is able to send mail out when I
> it from the command line.
> I also have apache2 running in my cygwin environment. When I run
> as a CGI script it is not able to connect to the the smtp server. The
> Socket connection is failing (as I noticed after putting some error
> prints in
> The apache server is running as SYSTEM user. In the command line I run
> it with user Khemani's permissions.

I've seen this before and IIRC it was due to some kind of account
restrictions imposed on the SYSTEM account in later versions of
windows.  Get a command prompt as the SYSTEM account and try running the
script from it -- if it fails that will rule out the whole Apache side
of things.  To do this google these archives for "sysbash" or just use
the "now /interactive" command by hand.

If this is the case then you will probably have to either grant SYSTEM
those revoked privileges or run Apache as one of the other system
accounts, such as "NETWORK SERVICE" (which is new in XP and later.)

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