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Re: problem with cygwin box (termcap?)

On Wed, Sep 22, 2004 at 03:56:54PM -0400, David Arnstein wrote:
>I launch a cygwin "box" (command window) on my Windows 2000 machine.
>I run ssh to connect to a shell account running a variant of BSD Unix.
>Whenever I use the program "less" on that shell account, it complains
>	"WARNING: terminal is not fully functional."  
>Another user has stated that tin (the news reader) complains 
>	"tin: Terminal must have clear to end-of-screen (cd)
>I suspect that these issues are related.  Can the termcap entry for
>cygwin be improved?  Or is this truly a limitation of the cygwin box?

Cygwin's terminal emulation is not at fault.  It works fine locally,
after all.

I sincerely doubt that either of those programs uses termcap.

You need to set up a terminfo entry for cygwin on the remote system.
You can use the "infocmp" program to dump the entry and the "tic"
program on the remote computer to incorporate it.  There may be
a way to set this up on the remote computer without being root,
too, but I'll leave that to you to research.


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