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Avail for test: libtool-1.5.10-1

A new version of libtool is on the mirrors. It's a routine update to the latest upstream release, but also includes a number of fixes:

1) Gerrit's .rdata fix (with some additions)
2) testsuite corrections
3) backports of CVS HEAD patches to ltdl.[h,c] by Gary Vaughan:
4) rollup of all ealier cygwin-libtool patches

This version of libtool, using the latest gcc (3.3.3-3 AND 3.4.1-1) and the most recent binutils (20040725-2) passes all but two of the libtool self-tests (and those two are longstanding issues that shouldn't affect "real" users). Hopefully this release will address some of the problems that folks have been reporting recently.

Please test.

FYI, all of these changes have been ported to CVS HEAD libtool, and accepted by the maintainers. However, CVS HEAD libtool is still in fairly rough shape with respect to cygwin, and still fails 19 tests even with these changes. I hope to begin resolving those issues soon (e.g. before libtool-2 hits the street).


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