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Re: New packge: lighttpd-1.3.0

Hallo Reini,

if you ask me, the PHP build system is broken.

I tried to build 5.0.1, I'm getting no lipphp, no shared modules,
libdb is not found...  If you specify an extension and the relevant
dependency is not available the configure exits, it is terrible, this
sucks really.

How do I need to configure to get a shared library?  Shared modules?
Why isn't there a howto about this in the source dist included?  Who
is responsible for this broken system?

If I call `make` I get a static archive, no DLL, it is

I hate this package since I tried to build it the first time.

Am Mittwoch, 22. September 2004 um 17:38 schriebst du:

>> Should we build statically?

> no. that's about 17MB for each php.exe or dll :)

My executable is 8 MB stripped.

> you want pdflib and pspell also?
> see my list. pdflib is non-free I think.

I don't know, pdflib-lite is available as source, isn't the license
OSI approved?  I don't have aspell installed, but if it is available
as shared module, why not?

> I'd need xdebug also, maybe apd.
> best would be to add all the modules which are supported and in the 
> nightly snaps.

>> That would be OK if all the extensions are built as modules, but building
>> everything into one php executable would make it pretty big, wouldn't it?

> the extensions are just shared interfaces to the existing dll.
> only mysql and some esoteric ones, which are not in the usual setup are
> static.

Why don't I get a shared libphp?  How to configure it to get it with
shared modules?


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