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RE: Lot of undefined symbols at link time, even with -l option on good libraries

At 01:14 PM 9/22/2004, you wrote:
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Frédéric ORMANCEY
>> Sent: 22 September 2004 18:07
>> I did it, but it don't work !
>  Ah, ok, that was not clear from your last message!
>> The --enable-stdcall-fixup option suppress one warning on top 
>> of linker output trace :
>>     AVERTISSEMENT: résolution de _GetModuleHandleA par un 
>> lien vers _GetModuleHandleA@4
>> and unfortunatly leave ALL other errors with no effect on it.
>  I see.  Hmm.  That's very strange; it should affect all the errors - that
>is, if they're all the same kind of error.  OTOH it could be that you've
>gotten the calling conventions wrong with the other pragmas, so that's why
>--enable-stdcall-fixup doesn't work for them; there must be some different
>reason why the errors are caused, since they behave differently.
>  You might care to experiment with the "--enable-auto-import" and, failing
>that, "--enable-extra-pe-debug" options as well.

Or Frédéric could try specifying the link symbol he wants in the pragma
as suggested by an earlier poster (sorry, the thread is broken in the 
archives and I didn't put any effort into wading through the messages 
to trace it all back to that message).

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