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RE: Lot of undefined symbols at link time, even with -l option on good libraries

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Frédéric ORMANCEY
> Sent: 22 September 2004 18:07

> I did it, but it don't work !
  Ah, ok, that was not clear from your last message!

> The --enable-stdcall-fixup option suppress one warning on top 
> of linker output trace :
>     AVERTISSEMENT: résolution de _GetModuleHandleA par un 
> lien vers _GetModuleHandleA@4
> and unfortunatly leave ALL other errors with no effect on it.

  I see.  Hmm.  That's very strange; it should affect all the errors - that
is, if they're all the same kind of error.  OTOH it could be that you've
gotten the calling conventions wrong with the other pragmas, so that's why
--enable-stdcall-fixup doesn't work for them; there must be some different
reason why the errors are caused, since they behave differently.

  You might care to experiment with the "--enable-auto-import" and, failing
that, "--enable-extra-pe-debug" options as well.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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