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Re: Bash returns incorrect process status

Dolton Tony AB wrote:
I've noticed that bash doesn't get issued too often.
It doesn't for three reasons:
1. the maintainer for Cygwin (that would be me) is very busy
2. The current version of Bash is very, very stable
3. I'm hesitant (reluctant, even) to let a new release of Bash go out
   the door without proper testing, even if it does fix a bug reported
   on this list every-so-often - i.e. I don't jump on every patch to
   apply it tout-de-suite and send out a new release: there's too much
   that depends on Bash.. That, and reason #1..

As soon as I have the time, I will test and release a new Bash-2 with the two patches I have for it now: one that fixes a problem that occured in a snapshot a while back and shouldn't even bother the every-day Bash user at the moment but is worth a fix anyway (and for which a patch was kindly provided by Corinna) and one that came out of this very thread.

As for Bash-3: until I have the time to test it properly (==thouroughly) there won't be a release of it yet and when it comes, it will be a test version.


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