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Re: New packge: lighttpd-1.3.0 schrieb:
I think what is required is a separate php package - making it work
with a web server (apache or lighttpd) is just a configuration

Yes, but you cannot build PHP with fastcgi and Apache support at the same time, so there should be several packages, runtime for every webserver available (currently only lighttpd) plus one common package (devel stuff).

no, you can and you ususally do.
you build it for every web server SAPI (apache1, apache2, fastcgi) and for the cli also.
php/configure --help

Can you expand a little on that? Do you mean something like:

Etc. ?

no: apache-php (which as main php package has pear, cgi and the cli also), lighttpd-php (just the php dll, if someone cares to maintain that)

Can cgi php use the same modules as mod_php?

it is normally built in one step. which extensions it uses is defined in php.ini

> Should we build statically?

no. that's about 17MB for each php.exe or dll :)

I imagine most of the problems arise when trying to decide on a
standard set of modules to be included with the "standard" php
package. Or is it possible to package php modules separately, e.g.
the postgres, ssl, imap, etc.?

Just include everything possible seems to be ok;) There should be all important modules which are really needed, e.g. database modules for mysql and pgsql, sqlite and others, all graphic stuff possible (GD, JPEG, PNG, ...), cryptographic stuff like openssl, mhash, ..., compression, pear, XML/XSLT, pdflib, PSPELL? Well you see, one cannot say which extension is important and which isn't, just try to use every available extension seems to be ok IMO.

you want pdflib and pspell also?
see my list. pdflib is non-free I think.
I'd need xdebug also, maybe apd.
best would be to add all the modules which are supported and in the nightly snaps.

That would be OK if all the extensions are built as modules, but building
everything into one php executable would make it pretty big, wouldn't it?

the extensions are just shared interfaces to the existing dll.
only mysql and some esoteric ones, which are not in the usual setup are static.
Reini Urban

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