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Re: Latest snapshot with XP SP2 and unison and cvs

Hi All...

I have a testcase. It uses unison-2.9.1.exe available from
(from here go to unison, downloads, current stable version, and select unison.win32-gtkui.exe)

On a machine with XP, SP2, this test hangs and with XP or 2000 it executes to completion.

The recipie is as follows (assuming you have openssh client and server set up):

download unison

rename the executable to unison.exe and place it somewhere on your PATH.

in a cmd (not bash) shell type

unison C:/ ssh://localhost/C:/ -testserver -rshargs "-v -v -v"

thats it. Unison will use the ssh client to run a copy of itself and talk to it for the test. This does not work from a bash shell...never has. can run it from strace cmd inside a bash shell to get strace output. Up until XP SP2 and the latest cygwin, I have been using it this way for years without a hitch.

On XP SP2 the results are 100% repeatable. It hangs in the same place every time.

I have run sshd in debug mode and found nothing unusual there.

It appears to be a client problem. An XP SP2 server is fine, but the XP SP2 client (with the latest cygwin1.dll or snapshots I tried) hangs.



From: "Karl M" <>
Subject: Re: Latest snapshot with XP SP2 and unison and cvs
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 15:31:23 -0700

Hi All...

What can I do that would be usefull? I'm not sure how to tell where things are hanging, because unison-2.9.1 is a win32 program that invokes a cygwin ssh client.

I did confirm that it is a ssh client side issue. That is, an XP SP2 machine is fine as the server, but not as the client.

If I turn on the -v -v -v in ssh, the last thing I get is from a channel_input_window_adjust call.

From: Corinna Vinschen <>
Subject: Re: Latest snapshot with XP SP2 and unison and cvs
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 11:20:14 +0200

On Sep 18 12:23, Karl M wrote:
> Hi All...
> I just updated an xp machine to sp2 and unison-2.9.1 (the win32 version)
> using ssh (cygwin) started hanging. I have done a clean install of cygwin
> and am running with the 16sep snapshot. cvs (cygwin) works fine with ssh.
> unison hangs with ssh.
> Because win32 unison will not run under bash, I opened a cygwin bash
> window, did an strace of cmd
> and then ran unison. The strace is attached.
> Any thoughts?

No.  I don't see any change in Cygwin between 1.5.10 and 1.5.11 which
could result in a new behaviour on sockets.  The strace is useless.


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