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RE: Request for change to /etc/profile

At 05:28 AM 9/22/2004, you wrote:
>I've got a sort-of-related issue with the location of the home directory.
>On my work laptop, my home directory is on a network share (mapped as a H:
>drive) and "My Documents" is on their too. This is made available offline using
>the ... "Make Available Offline" feature of WinXP.
>When I'm connected to the network all is well and cygwin correctly finds my home
>directory, However, if I'm not connected to the network, cygwin just starts in
>root (/). My home directory is there on the machine, but cygwin doesn't find it.
>Is there any chance that this could be fixed?

Depends on what's going on in your environment I guess.  Take a look at
'/etc/profile' and you'll see how "HOME" is set.  From that, one can 
surmise that you don't set "HOME" in your Windows environment (good! :-) ),
that your user doesn't exist in your '/etc/passwd' file, and that 
"HOMEDRIVE" and "HOMEPATH" don't exist.  So you're left with "/".  You'll
need to investigate these areas and why they differ between "on-line" and 
"off-line" use.

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