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Re: Setting up Environmental Variables

At 08:28 PM 9/21/2004, you wrote:
>When running bash in cygwin, I am not able to run any commands.  From
>the cygwin/bin directory, I can execute commands like gcc and make. 
>I've set a couple of environmental variables:
>SET HOME="c:\cygwin"
>SET PATH="c:\cygwin\bin"
>Is this correct?  Are my environmental variables the problem?  

They are a problem, yes.  Don't set HOME.  Unless you know why you're 
doing it, you don't want it.  Setting your PATH as above is certainly not 
what you want either.  I'm going to recommend you undo things that you've
done and then read and follow:

>Problem reports:

This has the guidelines for reporting problems to the list.  If you 
follow these, people here will have a better idea of what your configuration
is and where your problems are.  Please try to be as specific as possible
with your problem descriptions, as we can only know what you tell us.

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