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Re: Running cmd programs in cygwin / rxvt

Christopher Faylor wrote:

How about "Cygwin - where it DOES eventually hurt to ask if you start a conversation saying 'I know nothing about X but couldn't you just...' and then keep asking that question in various simple ways even when it is politely implied that it is not possible."

How about instead of politely imply, politely say. I'm not a mind reader! You also missed an opportunity to *explain* and *educate* instead of berate and demean. (Hmmm... Would demean be the opposite of mean? I don't think so).

I don't know nothing about ptys - I know a little. I just don't know the technical details because I've had no reason to date to learn them. So I asked a question - which shouldn't be snapped at but was snapped at nonetheless. A polite and informative reply to such a question would be something akin to "No that can't be done because <fill in reason here>" which would have served to enlighten me, and everybody else like me, about the mechanisms of ptys and their limitation and why my request would be difficult to impossible to do. Implying things do nothing to enlighten because they assume you have fore-knowledge - in this case about the technical details involved. However that would not even register on the "meanness" scale therefore inappropriate for this group I guess.

We kid about "meanness" here but in reality there is no real joke - people here are often mean, which is not something I would brag about but for some reason certain people here seem to feel pride in being mean, which is the opposite of polite. IOW, in general, being mean is *counter productive*! So which are you Chris? Mean? Or polite?
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