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Re: Bash returns incorrect process status

At 10:32 AM 9/21/2004, you wrote:
>This patch also fixes a long-standing problem that I've had:
>  My .bash_profile is rather complex (actually, it sources .bashrc,
>  which is where most of the complexity is), and at the end it runs a
>  program called `keychain'.  That program always does some output and
>  sometimes does some input.  Before I applied this patch, most (but
>  not all) of the time, keychain appeared to run in the background --
>  that is, I'd see a prompt from bash, implying that it had finished
>  executing commands from its startup files, but then I'd see output
>  from keychain.  Worse, if keychain wanted to read input, it seemed
>  to "hear" only a garbled version of what I typed (in fact, the input
>  that it wants is my password, and would always claim I'd mistyped
>  it).  With the patch, however, it works perfectly.

You forgot to include the patch.

Larry Hall                    
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