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Re: Running cmd programs in cygwin / rxvt

Bobby McNulty wrote:

I am learning more and more about Cygwin as I work with it. I learn from my mistakes. Does he? He needs an attitude adjustment.

You should talk about attitude adjustments! All I'm asking for is a work around for a problem when dealing with certain Windows apps under Cygwin. Is this somehow a crime? Lay off the coffee will ya!

I'm caffiene free. My tea is decaffinated, my softdrinks a caffiene free. There is no stimulant going on here. This was ordered by my doctor eight years ago.

I wonder why...

Tell you something else too. I've not created anything in four years.

Hmmm... is this something to brag about?

Avoiding hackers. I am NOT a person who breaks into other computers. Are you?

No and I resent that you imply that I am.

I seen your picture,


I talked to in person.

Really when? (Not that that is at all grammatically correct - I assume you meant that you talk to me in person)

I heard you play your guitar.

Really when? (and of what relevance is this to rxvt and ptys?!?)

What more do you want from me?

How about a little reason, a little proof and a lot less unfounded accusations?

I put instant coffee in my microwave oven and almost went back in time.

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