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Re: Bash returns incorrect process status

This patch also fixes a long-standing problem that I've had:

  My .bash_profile is rather complex (actually, it sources .bashrc,
  which is where most of the complexity is), and at the end it runs a
  program called `keychain'.  That program always does some output and
  sometimes does some input.  Before I applied this patch, most (but
  not all) of the time, keychain appeared to run in the background --
  that is, I'd see a prompt from bash, implying that it had finished
  executing commands from its startup files, but then I'd see output
  from keychain.  Worse, if keychain wanted to read input, it seemed
  to "hear" only a garbled version of what I typed (in fact, the input
  that it wants is my password, and would always claim I'd mistyped
  it).  With the patch, however, it works perfectly.

Software is largely a service industry operating under the
persistent but unfounded delusion that it is a manufacturing
        -- Eric Raymond

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