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Re: Problem regarding CYGWIN


did you choose to install make and gcc during cygwin install ?
because make is installed in /bin to that can be your problem.
you need to restart the setup and to add those packages i think


Le mar 21/09/2004 Ã 15:21, Mahboob Ali a Ãcrit :
> Hi,
>    My name is Ali, I am the student of TU Dresden, Germany. I am having a
> problem while using CYGWIN. I am trying to install MÃbius software on
> my maching and for this software i need CYGWIN as backend, which i
> installed successfully. Now the problem lies when i try to install
> MÃbius on my machine it needs the path where i install CYGWIN, but when
> i gave this path it gives me the following error, " File
> C:\CYGWIN\BIN\make.exe does not exist", i have checked the directory on
> CYGWIN\BIN and there is no file named "make.exe". Can you please guid
> me what should i do now, where can i find this file? I really need to
> install this software for my Project.
> Thanking you.
> Regards,
> Ali Mahboob.
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