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Re: Latest snapshot with XP SP2 and unison and cvs

> I just updated an xp machine to sp2 and unison-2.9.1 (the win32 version) 
> using ssh (cygwin) started hanging. I have done a clean install of cygwin 
> and am running with the 16sep snapshot. cvs (cygwin) works fine with ssh. 
> unison hangs with ssh.
> Because win32 unison will not run under bash, I opened a cygwin bash window, 
> did an strace of cmd
> and then ran unison. The strace is attached.

Karl, you may want to try a later version of Unison.  2.9.1 is pretty 
old now, and although I don't know about that version specifically, I 
know that there have been "hanging" bugs in other versions.

A Cygwin version of Unison 2.10.2 has just been released; you should be 
able to find it in the Cygwin setup utility.  However, the archive 
format has changed, so you will have to be using version 2.10.x (I 
believe) on both hosts or Unison will complain.  It will also have to 
resync its archive lists.

Good luck,

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