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Re: Running cmd programs in cygwin / rxvt

On Mon, Sep 20, 2004 at 11:57:09AM -0700, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
>Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>On Mon, Sep 20, 2004 at 08:46:32AM -0700, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
>>>Would it be possible to implement a command then that says exec this 
>>>with tty's instead of ptys?
>>Cygwin ttys and ptys are the same thing. 
>OK how about a command that says start this Windows console mode 
>application using whatever it is that will make it happy enough to talk 
>to stdin/stdout/stderr (short of starting a new window that is).

You keep offering simple-minded suggestions that boil down to "Well just
make rxvt work with these applications that don't like cygwin ptys, then."

Let me say it in big letters so that you will understand:


If it was possible, we would have done something long ago.

I'd be thrilled to be proved wrong or to have someone point me at
documentation which illustrates a way to do this.  Until such time, just
pounding on points from an admitted complete lack of understanding of
the issues is really pretty pointless.

>>You should be able to start a command in a new console window with 
>>"cygstart" (q.v.).
>Yes I can, however this starts it in another "Windows window" that does 
>not easily resize, has crappy copy/paste semantics, colors and fonts. 

And that's the one of the main features of rxvt.  But there are
trade-offs.  The fact that you don't like the trade-offs and desperately
want someone to fix them for you does not mean that the trade-offs will
go away if you keep offering uninformed suggestions.

rxvt is only a dessert topping.  It is not a floor wax.  No amount of
buffing is going to give you the shine on your floor that you are hoping


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