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RE: [APPS] ping python maintainer (and others) - Launching cygwin apps from cmd.exe vs. softlinks in /bin

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Igor Pechtchanski  
> Sent: 20 September 2004 17:07

> >   Using a non-symbolic link works for me; "ln /bin/python2.3.exe
> > /bin/cmd-invokable-python.exe" gets me something I can 
> invoke from either
> > DOS/cmd or bash/sh.
> Alternatively, you could Google for "vi.bat" 
> and apply the same technique to python.

  Fair enough, but what I really want is something that doesn't require my
makefiles to have to discriminate between what kind of python exe is first
in the path; I want them to be equipotent, and I don't want to have to
install things that aren't standard; I want a makefile that can be invoked
from either cmd.exe or bash, that can run on a system that has either cygwin
python or win32 python or both installed, that isn't sensitive to which one
comes in which order in $PATH, and that doesn't require anything extra to be
installed.  But I guess I could always use a makefile rule to create
python.bat in the objdir I'm building in.... hmm.  That might have been a
bit simpler than my current solution, which uses a fairly gross makefile
hack to search $PATH and some default install locations for any instances of
python.exe, then discards any which live in a ".../bin/.." subdir to try and
eliminate the cygwin version!

> c) the code in currently treats any file with a .exe 
> extension
> specially, and passes it on to CreateProcess without looking 
> into it any
> more than that.  It could, technically, check whether the file is an
> old-style symlink, and do the right thing in that case -- as always,
> <>.

  LOL, I don't really think it's within my abilities to come up with a patch
for that modifies the behaviour of cmd.exe....... 

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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