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re emacs problems

> You might be better to modify the root - /etc/passwd, but I'm kinda

You're right John.  Thanks.  In fact, I later (after sending that email)
found that that was the problem and changed the home directory there.
Now the lines in the .login (copied from /etc/csh.login work correctly
for my tcsh shell.  

I'm still hoping someone can comment on what emacs I should install to
get the normal robust behavior I've come to expect from emacses.

Unrelated issue:  Is there a way to get related messages posted properly
as followons in  the mailing list archives without subscribing to the
mailing list?  I assume it's by replying to actual email from the
mailing list that messages are posted as replies rather than new
threads.  I can't see filling my email box with questions I don't for
the most part even understand, let alone have answers for, yet feel bad
about every message starting a new thread rather than being properly
appended to the previous thread.  I'm unwillingly sending mail using MS
Office Outlook 2003 until I find time to switch to something better.


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